Instat Services

Statistical Analysis

With more than 10 years of experience providing statistical services for clinical research, you can expect Instat Services to deliver the highest level statistical results and customer service.

Instat Services provides the following biostatistics services:

Statistical Aspects of Study Design

  • Protocol Development/Experimental Design Consulting
  • Sample Size/Power Calculations
  • CRF Review
  • Randomization

Statistical Analysis Planning

  • Analysis planning meetings
  • Methodology development and evaluation
  • Production of analysis plan/interim analysis plan
  • Production of mock tables, listings, and graphs

Data Analyses

  • Specification and programming analysis derived datasets
  • Analysis dry-run
  • Formal interim and final analyses
  • Post-hoc and exploratory analyses
  • Blind review of protocol violations
  • ISS/ISE analysis


  • Stand Alone Statistical Reports
  • Integrated Clinical Study Reports
  • Tables, listings, graphs, and statistical appendix
  • Sponsor, FDA, and conference presentations

Statistical Consulting

  • Consulting on Statistically Related Regulatory Issues
  • Abstract and publication analysis and writing
  • Data Analyses and Support for Clinical Publications
  • Service on Data Monitoring Committees and Data Safety Monitoring Boards
  • Interface with regulatory authorities

Quality Control Services

  • QC and critical review of client analysis and reports
  • Independent validation of statistical programming (reprogramming and review)


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